Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - KUSIS
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - KUSIS

How can I login to KUSIS ?

How can I submit a petition?

How can I update my home address information?

How do I know how many credits I have left?

I enrolled to a course from my General Electives but this course is also in my Area Electives. Will this course be counted towards a General Elective or Area Elective?

I am a Double Major student; I have a Required Area course in my major that is also in my double major. Should I plan and enroll this course in both plans? And If I complete that course in my Major will it also be counted in my Double Major?

In my Account Summary, It seems that I owe 500 TL, who should I contact about the details of this debt?

I want to drop a planned course but the trash bin icon won’t appear. How can I drop the course?

How can see my grades?

I’m a Double Major student. I want to plan my Double Major program but it doesn’t appear in My Course Planner.

There are only Common Core, Required Area, Area Elective and General Elective in my plan. I can’t select any courses

I want to plan a course but I keep having “No section available” message in My Planned Enrollments page. How can I plan that course?

I want to plan my Spring semester courses but my Fall semester plan still appears in My Course Planner. How can I change semester?

How can I see my attendances?

How can I see my assignments’ grades?

Can I check if a class section is open in the Spring semester?

Even though, I have selected the right semester, my Spring Semester plan won’t appear.

How can I see my weekly schedule?

How can I check if I’m enrolled to a course?

How can I drop a course that I enrolled?